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Main things we do?

Anything of concrete! But mainly functional concrete products that are integrated in our everyday life with their uniqueness and grandiosity. Home decor, ashlar and jewelry can all be found in our current product line. Therefore we are working on creating affordable premium design products.

Optimist isn’t it?

Of course, since we work with a material that appears rigid and unkind in the every days. However, we believe that with our passionate approach to concrete, constant experimenting and development we can exploit all the possibilities that concrete can offer.

We incessantly search for areas where concrete products are useful and lighten the daily routine.

The harmony of the opposites vitalize the material, therefore we experiment with different surfaces and combine different materials such as metal or textile.

How do we work?

We are lucky, since as designers we have the ability to realize and achieve what we dream of. Moreover, we harmonize our dreams with our clients’ concepts, we plan flexibly, coordinating your unique needs and our style with visual designs.

And what do you have to do?

Contact us on any of our channels, order one of our existing products or tell us what you dream of and we will pour your ideas in concrete!