Játszóház Napközi

01.29. 15:00 - 21:00


Játszóház Napközi


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We start a new series of events in Müszi under the name of DayCare/Napközi, to provide a new opportunity to get familiar with modern board games. If you can’t visit our weekly Game Nights on Monday for some reason, or if you are just as addicted to board games as we are and once a week is simply not enough, this is for you! For starters we are going to hold the Daycare events every second Sunday, between 15:00 and 21:00, in the workshop space of Müszi (the one with the glass door). There is always a game master in service and instead of the usual entry fee, it works in a rental system.
If you found a game you like, you can ask for it by paying a rental fee. The rental fee ranges from 400 to 1300 forints depending ont the game you choose. In return the games can be played by any number of people for any number of time.
These Daycare events are specifically child-and family friendly, so we will be armed with games for children (from the age of 6) too.