Barrio Populo Band Concert

Barrio Populo Band Concert

10.08. 20:30


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Barrio Populo Band Concert

A Barrio Populo 2008-ban alakult francia rockzenekar, akik a francia érzékenységet, dallamosságot, költőiséget energikus rockzenén keresztül mutatják meg. Két album és több, mint 300 koncert van már mögöttük. A fiatal zenészek a rock mellett szívesen nyúlnak a pophoz és a francia sanzonhoz.

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Quick history

2008 : Formation of the band
2012 : First Album released
2013 : Record of second album

2014 : Second Album, Kordobella out on May 12th.

Between theses dates, more than 300 gigs all over Europe.

Bio :
Sing of freedom, release the joy, build the revolt, cry and shout about love, feet on the ground, head in the clouds, long live poetry.
It is this passionate life that Barrio Populo wants to show through a generously energetic rock music, sometimes painful,often fiery and aggressive.
These young musicians gladly draw from the good old recipes of rock, pop and French “chanson”.
A voice in French with meaningful lyrics, where wild plants grow, roses of love and protesting weeds…
Barrio Populo goes on it’s way, over 300 concerts in four years in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, UK, Ireland, Palestine…) and is not ready to stop …
It’s as independently as possible that the musicians are organized around this project to make it grow.
Living in the same house in the countryside, they try to live in an independent and alternative way …
2014 will be again a busy year with the release of their second album and a lot of gigs (with also support for Dub Inc.) !