Deepfields w/ VincentIulian (ro)

04.07. 23:00


Deepfields w/ VincentIulian (ro)


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Szoba Studio pres. #Deepfields @ Müszi

● VincentIulian (ro)

Craving for the ultimate expression of utter excitement in electronic music, VincentIulian searches the depths of jazz and the limits of classic wavy touches to create the sounds only one who has a passion for electronic music can. The interleaving of genres expands up to the real life, as VincentIulian blends together the life of a future engineer with the passion for music.

As an IT engineer with an ear for each and every twisting note of a sound, VincentIulian stands for what a producer’s work should be about: listening carefully and acting innovative, so that DJs like Onur Ozer, Vera, Barac, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Cezar, Priku and many others, merge into the same feeling and play the tracks with the same enthusiasm. Following his moves in the studio the past few years with releases on imprints like Metereze, Moment, Naural and Funhaus.

As producing means dealing with the same tools of the trade as a DJ, VincentIulian finds itself playing alongside DJs like Rhadoo, Vera, Raresh, Ion ludwig, Lazare Hoche, Valentino Kanzyani and more. Moving crowds everywhere from Sunwaves to Club der Visionaere, Vincentiu knows very well what works best on the dance floor.

● Li & Baco

Deepfields combine the different unique styles of house and techno in a particular concept, laying great emphasis on projections and visuals enhanced with multiple projectors and painted slides.

Visuals: Szobafény
Sound: #MogulAudio