Lost Harbours & Waterflower

09.24. 20:00


Lost Harbours & Waterflower


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Lost Harbours (UK/LV)
Described as “heretically devotional and eerily phantasmagorical” by the Quietus, Lost Harbours combine folk themes and song craft with the possibilities of noise and ambient music to create their own vision of psychedelic folk music.



Waterflower (LV)
Waterflower is an audio visual journey into the atmospheric, ethereal world of mixed-media artist Sabine Moore. Based in Riga, Latvia, she uses a musical collage of toy sounds, running water, glass beads, calculator beeps, ghostly piano melodies and her sublime vocalisations to create unique song forms. Her meditative music combines influences from the rich tradition of Latvian folk song whilst employing elements of modern pop. Imagine an amalgamation of Bjork, Coil and Grimes.


Entry: 500 HUF