Budapest English Theatre: Pretext

Budapest English Theatre: Pretext

11.14. 20:00


Pretext is a brand new comedy, exploring how the sexes face their mortality and at the end of the day, whether it’s our lovers, or our friends, that we can really count on.

“The hour-long play just flies by as the audience is treated to a humorous look at life with or without men” – Russell Skidmore,, (read full article)

Cathy, Lucy and Anne are facing the unfortunate truth that men their own age are abandoning the dating pool like rats leaving a sinking ship. But rather than drown their sorrows in martinis, they come up with a cunning plan to seduce hot, young men – while they still can. It’s the very same trick men have been using for centuries, the casting couch. True, the consequences are not exactly what they anticipated, but it seems to working a treat. That is, until they are finally caught in their own web of deceit.

Pretext is an original production by Budapest English Theatre, written and directed by Virginia Proud, with Esther Holbrook, Beth Spisljak and Madeleine Damasdi.​

20.00, Friday 14th November
19.00, Sunday 23rd November

Tickets available online​ or at the door one hour prior to the show (subject to availability)