Free Improv Student Showcase and Open Jam

03.17. 19:30


Free Improv Student Showcase and Open Jam


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Improvisation is the creation of art on-the-spot. We take the stage with no plan and create a 30-minute play right there. In this age when we watch the same youtube videos over and over and over again, improvisation is a refreshing change. It is a once in a lifetime experience because what we create has never been seen before and will never be seen again!

Red Ball Theater is Hungary’s premiere English improv-theater and we’re back with the first class show of 2017! Our students showcase how much they’ve learned in just 8-weeks of classes. It’s a celebration and a comedy show at the same time and after the show we get a drink and open up the stage to anyone that wants to play in a relaxed, fun environment.

Free! (Donations appreciated)