OUT OF THINKING ART // Jáncsik Ferenc kiállítása

12.09. - 12.30. 18:00


OUT OF THINKING ART // Jáncsik Ferenc kiállítása

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Pictures, ceramic, installations.

Ferenc Janchik was born in the year of 1980. He is an artist from Transcarpathian area of Ukraine. He was graduated the Erdeli Institute of Fine Arts in 2006. Jáncsik Ferenc has been working in the area of fine arts for about 14 years.

Most time of his life he spends traveling and living in a country-side far from megapolises. In the “wild” he feels the best. He observes the nature as his inspiration that leads him to discover new areas in art. He gets his knowledge from watching the world. He applies the result of his experiments in nature to his artwork and the number of different materials, techniques and styles that he uses grow each day. At this time he has already realized himself as an artist, wood carver, ceramist, sculptor, as well as fluorescent and installation designer. In his artworks combines the result of “out of thinking” analyses of music, natures and tribal artifacts.

This is the first exhibition of Jáncsik in Budapest. The artist represents himself with pictures, ceramic and installations by the name “Out of thinking art”.
All works of Jáncsik Ferenc how ever are the clear examples of pure art, what is really become unusual in the time of conceptual idea. This is the Art like meditation, Art like Zen, Art like a process in personal being, where the Art is the main aim and idea.

Ferenc doesn’t like to talk about his works. The visual art is the way for him to see and to feel the world with a special code of images, but not the words. And he is talking to us with this images about the Harmony and the Balance. People always looking for explanation. In the foundation of this exhibition lies the idea to show how you can be in the process of observing by following the line.

Megnyitó: 2014. december 9. (kedd) 18.00

A kiállítás megtekinthető:
2014. december 9 – december 30. | H-P 10.00-18.00, Sz-V 14.00-18.00
Müszi – Művészeti Szint | 1085 Budapest Blaha Lujza tér 1.
(A bejárat a Somogyi Béla utca felől található, egy nagy, zöld ajtó Müszi logóval – csöngess bátran!)